MM13 | ファブリック・フィクサティブ Fixative

A Revolutionary Idea for the All-Round Artist

Feel like painting on fabric and making it last? Look no further. With MM13 Fabric Fixative mixed with Matisse Colours, preferably Flow Formula, you can create permanent designs on T-shirts or most other garments without investing in a whole range of fabric paints.

The Magic Mixture: MM13 Fabric Fixative

Mix one part  Fabric Fixative to two parts  Matisse Flow Formula Acrylic, then paint and let dry. You'll then heat-set with an iron, ensuring it doesn't directly contact the paint (a tea towel over the painted area works great) to become wash-fast.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Drying time is approximately 2-5 hours, depending on thickness and weather. Avoid heavy layers and thick textures, as these may crack or peel over time. And don't let it freeze!

Heat Fix Times & Temperatures: Precision Matters

  • Cotton, calico, linen, rayon : 4-5 minutes at 140°C - 180°C
  • Synthetics, nylon, polyester, tetron, acrylic : 5-8 minutes at 115°C - 130°C

Always test to ensure the image is fast (permanent) without scorching the fabric.

Fabric Painting Techniques with MM13 Fabric Fixative

Matisse acrylic can be applied to most fabrics without any mediums. However, MM13 Fabric Fixative ensures that the painted image withstands water, detergents, and regular machine washing. Here's how you can use it:

  • Painting on fabric : Equal measures of Matisse Flow Formula and MM13 Fabric Fixative; use stiff brushes for application.
  • Stencilling on fabric : Equal measures, applied with a cheap sponge roller.
  • Airbrushing on material : Thin consistency with 2 parts Fabric Fixative to one part Matisse Flow Formula.
  • Screen printing on fabric : One part MM13 Fabric Fixative to one or two parts Matisse Structure Formula, suitable for silk screens.

Additional Tips & Considerations

  • Choice of fabrics : Best results with absorbent fabrics like 100% cotton; avoid waterproof fabrics and wool unless cleaned.
  • Heat fixing images : Use a household iron, but follow these tips:
    • Ensure the image is completely dry.
    • Apply heat continuously and evenly.
    • Don't scorch or burn the garment; keep the iron moving.
    • Don't iron directly on the image; use a barrier or iron the opposite side.
  • Heat fix times and temperatures : Vary, so testing is recommended.

Matisse MM13 Fabric Fixative Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

MM13ファブリック・フィクサティブの安全データシート(SDS)をダウンロードする ここをクリック (281kb) *The above link will open an external Dropbox window




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