MM1 ドライング・リターダーを8%以上混ぜると、アクリルの架橋を遅らせる事によって、乾燥した絵具の耐水性を損なわせます。そのため、絵具が乾いているように見えても、濡れたブラシや布で再度濡らす事ができます。


Drying Retarder will slow the evaporation of water from the paint. However, excess amounts of MM1 Drying Retarder (over 10%) will severely restrict "cross-linking" of the acrylic. Therefore, even though the paint may look dry (and indeed, all the water will have gone from the colour), it will not have "cross-linked" or "cured", so it can be re-wet, i.e. with a wet brush or cloth.But if you take a wet rag, it will come straight off because there's been no bonding. It hasn't stuck together. It hasn't adhered; it hasn't glued. So it's going to come straight off. It might take several months for that drying retarder to evaporate out eventually.

Can acrylic retarder medium be used with other mediums and additives?

Yes. Acrylic retarder medium can be combined with other Matisse mediums and additives. 

マティスのドライング・リターダーの安全データシート (SDS)

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まず考えるべきことのひとつは、絵の具がどのように乾くかということです。おそらく草の成長を見るようなものでしょうが、原子やミクロのレベルではかなり興味深いことが起こっているのです。大きな部屋に水を張ったボールがたくさんあるとしたらどうでしょう。ここで、水が上から蒸発していく様子を想像してください。すべての小さなボールと小さなビーズが押し合いへし合いしています。それでも、上は架橋している、簡単に言えば結合しているのです。 このビーズが結合して、(合体とか硬化と呼んでいますが)プラスチックの帯になります。これが基本的にアクリルの絵の具の正体で、このプラスチックの小さなビーズが化学的に結合して、その中に色の顔料を含一つのものになるのです。

That's the basis for the paint. What happens with the drying retarder is it wraps itself around those little beads and doesn't allow them to join together. It slows them down, slows the drying time of the water or the evaporation of the water. So this is why putting too much retarder can stop these little beads from joining together.

What it does is it will stop them from curing, so as we said, the paint dries from the top of the beads; in turn, the beads join together as they cure, and what is trapped underneath then the colour is not dry. You'll see this a lot on your palette when you are painting, where the thick paint forms the skin, which is the top drying and starting to cure, but the water is trapped.




On raw canvas, adding 3-5% MM1 Drying Retarder, pre-diluted with water, will improve the mixing of inorganic pigments, oxides, earth colours, titanium dioxide and metallic pigments.

Matisse Retarder medium has been specifically formulated, designed, and tested to work with Matisse acrylic paints. This means that using Matisse Retarder medium with Matisse paints can provide optimal consistency, colour, and texture results. However, Matisse Retarder medium can also be used with other brands of acrylic paints, although the results may vary depending on the specific formulation and properties of the paint. As always, it is recommended to do some testing and experimentation to find the best ratio and amount of retarder to paint for your specific needs and preferences.



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